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IFIM Business School welcomes students of the PGDM 2016-18 batch

08th July, 2016

On 8th of July,2016 with trickling of fresh faces in the campus with bated breath and fire in their belly the students of PGDM 2016-18 batch was welcomed by IFIM in very courteous way. Starting with framing the batch in the lenses forever, they went to the auditorium and sat in their places. Then with lighting of the lamp the function started with cultural programme conducted by SPIC MACAY. It was a bewitching performance by Mr. Balakrishna and his team. He played ragas from ancient Indian music and allured the students into a different world. Then our Director welcomed Mr. Sunder Madakshira, head of the marketing, EdgeVerve to speak few words about PGDM to the new students.

“Yeh kahan aa gaye hum” was the quote in which Mr. Sunder Madakshira started enthralling the students for their induction into the IFIM on the very first day. Being a veteran in sales and marketing positions in companies such as SAP, Infosys, WIPRO, HUL and Visa and “The Marketing Thought Leader of the Year" by The Stars of the Industry Awards by the ABP Group, he came all the way down to our campus to enlighten the PGDM 2016-18 batch.

With a light-hearted joke he started with, “The rain will stop, Dusyanth”. He mainly wanted to say that IFIM will be the home for the students for next two years so they have to be acquainted with every nuke and corner of the campus. The rain might not stop for a year but they have to find their shelter.

At the very beginning all the students might be very shy and introvert but at the end of the day they have to “Speak up and seek help”. For example, one may not be good at accounting but he or she can seek help from others to gather knowledge about it. On the need to adapt Mr. Sunder said, “Learn from everywhere”. Students have to learn from each and every aspect of life then only will they will be considering the college campus as their home.

It is stressed on the fact that “there is no free lunch”. You have to earn everything in your life. People might be the facilitator but at the end of the day its up-to you whether you are able to get that or not.

Students were advised to not only focus on studies but also on health. The course is very rigorous and from that standpoint one needs to have a balanced routine so that health and knowledge goes parallel well on track. As the adage goes, “Health is wealth” so one should not hamper their studies because of health and vice-versa. Mental fitness should be on every one minds and one should not undermine that.

He also thrusted on dreaming big. he said that like other things dreams has a habit of going down by gravity. He meant not to keep thoughts cluttered and needs cleansing every day. Focus should be on educating one self and try to imbibe leadership every day spent at IFIM.

He also advised to zero in on working hard and be committed. Very established and well learned men have rued their lacunae in only one quality and that is ability to read fast. Reading fast is another aspect where students have to improvise on. Constantly seeking to learn new things should not be forgotten. In this highly competitive world, one needs to innovate themselves to stand against the testing times. Managing here is not and will not be an option. There is no alternative to hard work. If you want to achieve greater results, you have to do things great. For keeping dreams alive, conventional things don’t help. Try to think out of the box.

One of the unwritten rule while doing PGDM is networking. Sticking to your own area won’t make you a diversified knowledgeable creature. To have savior faire in a field such as PGDM, one should have knowledge of every other area. Networking not only ensures you have rich quality of friends but also ensures learning.

Last but not the least he also did not undermine the importance of having fun. Along with that the students need to build on their competencies and skills in their respective fields. The values provided from the home should be instilled so deep down that their roots are firmly stuck in the lives of the students. Keeping the values intact and being humble are the areas where he harped upon.

Needless to say it was an awe-inspiring and reverberating speech given by Mr. Sunder Madakshira. Students newly inducted were very much enthusiastic about listening to him and after the speech they were very much exuberant. We hope the students had a very good time.

by Indranil Choudhury and Aritra Ghosh (2015-17)

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