Research Resource Centre

Research Resource Centre

The Research Resource Centre at IFIM Business School was set up with the vision of enabling collaborative research among the faculty, students, and practitioners in India and across the globe.

The Research Resource Centre at IFIM Business School will leverage the geographical and demographic advantage of India in collaborating with Business Schools and Universities across the world. As an emerging economy with its fair share of challenges and opportunities, India is poised to be among the three largest economies in the world. The dynamic business environment, regulatory challenges and demographics of the Indian nation makes it an attractive hotspot for research in emerging markets as well as in other areas of social science, humanities, and management research. Multiple Business Schools such as Harvard Business School and International Institute for Management Development (IMD) have already set up Research Centres to take advantage and develop research and case studies central to the region.

The Research Resource Centre at IFIM Business School works with the School’s various Centres of Excellence including the AIM-Parasuraman Centre for Service Excellence, the Centre for Excellence in Banking, the V.B. Padode Centre for Sustainability and the Centre for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Development. The Research Resource Centre works with the Centres of Excellence to cultivate long term research collaborations and research projects with International Business Schools and Universities. The Research Resource Centre will provide a unique platform not only to Business Schools but also to individual faculty members & social science/management researchers around the world to collaborate not only in research projects but also in data collection and analysis work.

The Strategic Objectives of the Research Resource Centre are as follows:

  • New Knowledge Creation through the intellectual contribution activities of the faculty and Centers of Excellence of IFIM Business School.
  • Supporting the IC Activities of the faculty and the Centers for establishing Thought Leadership in the impact areas of a) Practice, b) Scholarship and c) Pedagogy, to ensure maximum impact and visibility of the faculty & the business school.
  • Bolstering Thought Leadership & IC through collaborations with Corporates & International Academicians for various collaborative research projects and studies.