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Rapid Reading in Management – A Session conducted for IFIM Business School Students

On July 19, 2016, PGP students of the batch 2016 – 18 at IFIM Business School participated in an innovative session as part of their Foundation Program called ‘Rapid Reading in Management’. Dr. K. S. Srinivasa Rao and Prof. Chowdari Prasad have initiated the concept of “Treasure Hunt” in Library for Knowledge, where students will be searching for a book and then reading it in a given time and later will be presenting a Review on the same.

The students reported to the library which hosts over 21,000 books covering various fields like management, business law, fiction, non-fiction etc. Students were assigned books at random via chit draw system, and were asked to read through the book. They will have to submit a report and presentation on the book they read along with the learnings from the book, their management take – away, how they can convert the morals into real life. The top three best student presentations who submit the best book report, will be awarded special prizes.

When asked about the importance of Rapid Reading, Dean Academics - Dr. K. S. Srinivasa Rao said “Rapid reading is a skill that allows students to radically increase their words-per-minute rate and improve to maintain their comprehension level, something that will help them manage work along with time. We have noticed that Rapid reading skills, such as eliminating sub vocalization, allows them to process new information faster than average. Encouraging students to read at a good speed will help them in their workplace to stay abreast of new globaldevelopments, changes, and possible innovations.”

On speaking about the experience, Mr. Shubham Jain, PGP student of batch 2016 – 18 said “I enjoyed the experience. I am done with reading my book and am thinking about an innovative way to present the book report. Rapid reading has definitely helped us all. We all now would like to cultivate the habit of regulalrly reading content, news, international happenings, etc. Let us stay knowledgeable and contemporary which are two essential qualities for staying ahead in the management field. Thanks to our faculty members for encouraging the habit of reading.”

When asked Mr. Mahadev, the Librarian, said “This Concept brought all the students to Library and I am happy to see so many budding managers sitting and reading Books. After having used to online services, finding a student group in the Library is very rare. This is an innovative way of bringing the current generation students to Library and my staff have also very much enjoyed serving a big crowd at a given time”.

Prof. Chowdari Prasad, Dean-Planning & Development said “This exercise will be useful to the student to improve his/her communication skills and also develop the reading as a hobby to habit. When a student reads a Book and presents a review on the same, one can get the exposure to multiple skills when presenting in a huge batch of 265 students. This has a cutting-edge when the student eventually presents himself/herself during any Placement Interviews,he / she can make the Interviewers to ask questions more about such hobbies. Thus, a student can answer confidently and can get acceptance from the Recruiters”.

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