IFIM Alumni Association

IFIM Alumni Association

IFIM has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians, artists and writers. Our Alumni have made us proud time and again by achieving laurels round the globe and we wish to showcase the same to our entire IFIM family. Immense dedication, devotion to the subject area and the passion to perform has enabled older students to scale to higher positions within the workforce, across industries thereby forming the backbone and pillar of strength for the Institute. IFIM acknowledges this value creation and intends to nurture this spirit of excellence in the future years to come.

IFIM takes keen interest in connecting to its alumni which is the actual reflection of its own endeavours. It has people from all streams starting from academicians to entrepreneurs to its credit. They are more than willing to offer guidance and support to the existing students with respect to career guidance and to excel in various fields. We feel proud in cognizing the element of connection of alumni with the existing students. IFIM hosts a platform for the alumni to relinquish their inhibitions and grow deep to explore their potentials. IFIM leaves no stone unturned in supporting its alumni to blossom to its best. For registration contact:

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Drop an email to alumni@ifim.edu.in OR sandya.sharma@ifim.edu.in to receive e-mail notifications on upcoming events.

To join our Official IFIM Alumni Association Group drop a text/whatsapp message on +91-9742333390.

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