HR Area

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.” - Lawrence Bossidy

Overview :

In the arena of business management, HR professionals contribute to business viability and success through the strategic management of human capital. Organizational processes, structures and environment can be replicated but people are the only differentiating factor in any organization.  In the current context, the transformative impact of digital technology on the types of services offered by HR and how those services are delivered by their people is crucial to the success and failure of organisations. IFIM prepares participants to take up this new age roles and thrive by honing their skillset in strategic thinking and utilising of digital tools


To be a centre of excellence in Digital HR and Technology

  • HR 4.0 Curriculum
  • Digital Focus
  • Technology intensive HR projects and Super Specialization


To offer an academically rigorous, practice and research environment to meet needs of new age-industries by focusing on;

  • HR analytics,
  • Digital HR, and
  • Behavioral Science

Highlights of the Area:

IFIM Leadership Learning Lab (IL3)

IFIM Leadership Learning Lab is a comprehensive personal development program divided into four phases: Experiential stage, Identification stage, Developmental stage, and Consolidation stage. All activities are designed to enhance students' abilities and preparing them to manage leadership roles throughout their careers.


  • To improve the leadership capabilities of students by identifying behavioural skill gaps through rigorous ‘Behaviour Assessment’ .
  • To assist students to create ‘Individual Development Plan (IDP)’ by profiling their strengths and weakness and aligning related attitudes, skill, and knowledge with the career goals.

Behavioral Assessment Lab

Our dedicated team help students to identify relevant corporate and behavioural skills which they will need as future managers. This interdisciplinary lab constitutes of contemporary psychometric assessments, experiential activities, and business games which provide students insights about required competencies for overall career effectiveness. All activities are identified keeping in mind the ‘leadership development’ element for PGDM students.

Certification for Students:

With organizational and job requirements changing constantly it becomes evident that HR certification is quickly moving from being preferred to being required. Profit or non-profit organizations are viewing professional certification as a fundamental addition to any HR professional’s resume. These certifications are must for students who are beginning their HR career journey.

Participation in Corporate and Academic Events

Our students actively participate in various corporate HR and cross-domain management events promoted by brands like NHRD, ACMP, HUL, KPMG, TCS, XLRI, HERO, Google, and IIM’s. These engagements provide practical exposure and shape the lives of students in different ways. Such competitions provide an excellent platform for various learning opportunities and aids students in understanding the corporate environment even before they step into the corporate realm.

List of Courses

Sl No Course type Course Title/Details
1. Core (3 credits) Human Capital Management
2. Core (3 credits) Behavioural Science
3. L1 (two credits) Talent Management in New Age
4. L1 (two credits) Managerial Psychology in Action
5. L2 (three credits) Competency Based Strategic Staffing
6. L2 (two credits) Learning & Development
7. L2 (three credits) Employee Relations & Labor Laws
8. L2 (two credits) Leadership in New Age
9. L2 (two credits) Organizational Development and Change
10. L2 (two credits) Strategic Human Resource Management
11. L2 (two credits) Total Rewards Management
12. L2 (two credits) Cross Cultural Management
13. L2 (three credits) Human Resource Analytics
14. L2 (two credits) Psychometric Testing
15. Micro Specialization (2 credits) Digital HR
16. Micro Specialization (2 credits) HR led Business Transformation
17. Micro Specialization (2 credits) HR Strategic Role in Future of Work
18. Micro Specialization (4 credits) Capstone Projects

Micro Specialisation in Digital HR (10 credits)

HR Micro Specialization


Digital HR and Business Transformation

Micro Specialization is an integral part of the IFIM Curriculum. This element has been integrated in the curriculum to address the challenges of Industry 4.0 and to remain relevant in today’s business environment.

New Age HR Roles:

  • HR Analyst
  • Head of HR Technology
  • Behavioural Scientist
  • Change Champion

Above job roles are the new age roles, companies are looking for. Industry globally is in the middle of transformation today under the onslaught of modern-day technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Analytics, etc., and proliferation of countless connected devices such as mobiles and sensors. Micro Specialization aims at real life problem solving and trains our students in the area of solution and execution and institutionalize the pedagogy of “Learning by Solving”.

A 10-credit program curated for a multi-generational cohort consisting of 2 Year PGP students and executives for learning by solving real life problems with external partners to groom ‘T’ shaped professionals for next-gen roles in next-gen industries.

The program consist of two parts

Part 1 : Courses focused on Digital Transformation In HR

Part 2 : Project in Digital/Analytical HR

Courses Roles and Target Companies Key Competencies Addressed
Digital HR and HR Information System HR Data Scientist – Novartis India, IBM, Jio, Walmart Labs To keep the digital transformation in HR on track, we need a well-defined Digital HR Strategy. Think strategically about leveraging technology to drive value for the business. Learn how to build a Digital HR Strategy, and how to use the design thinking process to create employee-centered HR solutions, tools, and processes. How to work around a detailed blueprint for the digital transformation.
HR led Business Transformation Change Champion – JP Morgan, Amazon, Byjus HR needs to adopt new capabilities, new skills and a new understanding of what will make people productive in the future. In these modules, you learn what success looks like for forward-looking HR professionals and build the foundations to achieve it
HR Strategic Role in Future of Work Head of HR Technology- Solugenix, Wipro, MitraTech, PayPal, Shell HR needs to adopt new capabilities, new skills and a new understanding of what will make people productive in the future. Learn what success looks like for forward-looking HR professionals and build the foundations to achieve it. Understanding of future of work. How AI, ML and Big Data is shaping the strategies and decisions of HR in the work place.. Learn how AI, ML etc. are transforming the future of work Understand data-driven approach to managing people at work and to gain insights from data , Tools of analysis Explore how data and sophisticated analysis is brought to bear on people-related issues, such as recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration. Best Practices in the area

Executive Development Programs in Human Resource

In line with IFIM’s mission to nurture continuously employable professionals, institute offers quality management education to professionals across different levels and industries. Human resource area delivers different courses to experienced working professionals to tackle the most complex business and people-related challenges of today’s workplace. The programs offered by HR area are:

Topic Faculty Involved
Story telling in HR Analytics Prof Kalyan Sengupta
Digital HR & Transformation Prof. Anand Pillai
Leadership and Change Management Prof. James
Total Rewards for Gen Z Prof Jahar Bagchi
Predictive Analytics for HR Prof Ramesh Ranjana and Prof Kalyan Sengupta
Transition from Individual contributor to Manager -The Behavioural Skills Prof. Shaji Kurian, Prof. Navodita Mishra

Some Industry 4.0 Roles that students are groomed for

  • HR Data Scientist
  • HR Technology Business partnership
  • Behavioural Scientist
  • Well-being Coaches
  • Change Champion

Key Faculty

Over the years, HR area has created intellectual community with a great blend of academicians and practitioners at IFIM B-School. Each faculty is renowned for their excellent teaching skills and contribution to management education through the creation of new knowledge. HR area has people from different walks of life expert in disseminating knowledge about people management and organizational development. HR professors are more than educators as they play multiple roles of a thought leader, approachable mentor, and innovative researcher

Dr. Shaji Kurian
Prof. Jahar Bagchi
Dr. Nina Jacob
Dr. Navodita Mishra
Prof. Anand Pillai
Sarthak Daing
Dr. (Colonel) P.S James
Prof. Balachandar. N

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Sl. No Subject Faculty
1 Human Capital Management Prof. Jahar Bagchi, Dr. Shaji Kurian, Dr. Navodita, Prof. N. Balachander
2 Behavioural Science Dr Shaji Kurian; Dr Navodita Mishra, Dr. Nina Jacob, Dr Asit K Barma; Prof Raghavan Srinivasan
3 Behavioural Science Dr Shaji Kurian; Dr Navodita Mishra, Dr. Nina Jacob, Dr Asit K Barma; Prof Raghavan Srinivasan
4 Talent Management in New Age; Competency Based Strategic Staffing, Learning & Development, Psychometric Testing Dr. Navodita Mishra, Prof. Col. James, Dr. Shaji Kurian, Prof. N. Balachander
5 Employee Relations & Labor Laws & Total Reward Management, Leadership in New Age Prof. Jahar Bagchi, Prof. N. Balachander.
6 Organizational Development and Change Prof. N. Balachander, Dr. Shaji Kurian, Dr. Nina Jacob
7 Strategic Human Resource Management Dr. Nina Jacob, Prof. N. Balachander
8 Cross Cultural Management Prof. Col. James, Dr Nina Jacob
9 Human Resource Analytics, Predictive Analytics Prof Kalyan Sengupta, Prof. Ramesh Ranjan
10 Digital HR: HR led Business Transformation; HR Strategic Role in Future of Work Prof. Anand Pillai, Prof. N. Balachander