Faculty Profiles

IFIM Business School

Prof. Bovina Sunath


Prof. Bovina Sunath
Assistant Professor – Personality Enhancement Department

Educational Qualification:
BA. English(Hons)
MA. (English)
PGD (Journalism & Mass Communication)

Subjects taught:
English literature,
Communication skills,
Soft skills,
Additional english,
Magazine Journalism,
Reporting & Editing techniques.

Research Interest / Consulting Area:
English and communication.

Academic Work Experience:
10 Years.

Also teaches/taught at :
Various colleges

Good results, and coordinate and convenor of Events, Fests, Seminars, National Conference, awarded for the same.

Books / Research papers published
One paper publication, currently working on a paper on, ‘Interpretations in Indian Mythology’.

24 years of leadership development

The journey of IFIM Institutions