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Need for Better Governance framework

Published: BusinessLine on campus | Date :  July 06, 2019

Bangalore:“The emphasis of the Budget on ease of living, infrastructure development, education reforms, women empowerment, sanitation and farmer prosperity are a clear indication of the intent of the government to fix all the broken issues in our country. Capitalizing banks to the extent of ₹70,000 crore, addressing tax pains of the start-ups, extending the 25 per cent tax slab to corporate with turnover of ₹400 crore, rationalising import duties, updating of labour laws and providing an easier route for direct investment by foreign companies are strong measures to sustain the 7-8 per cent growth rate of the economy. In my view, this is a balanced budget which provides a clear runway for the economy to take off in the next five years.”

               - Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Centre for Developmental Education, IFIM Institutions

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