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In the recent months, World Economic Forum (WEF) & Institute for the Future (IFTF) have introduced a distinct set of skill that will be imperative for the future business graduate to imbibe. In association with NHRDN, IFIM Business School is aiming at identifying the competencies and skills that may be most relevant for the future of business. The aim is to build a curriculum that would most effectively deliver the most important skills and competencies needed for the next industrial revolution dominated by Artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain and such radical innovations driven by technology.

The questionnaire is organised 3 Sub-sections, namely

1. Future of Business.
2. Skills for the next Industrial Revolution identified by World Economic Forum.
3. List of other skills that might be relevant for the future.
4. Competencies and Skills to be delivered by B-School curriculum for the future business.

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There are 25 questions in this survey.

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