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Dr. S. K. Parameswaran


Dr. S. K. Parameswaran
Adjunct Faculty - Finance

Educational Qualification:
B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry (St. Stephen’s College)
PGDM (IIM-Bengaluru)
PH.D. in Finance (Duke University, USA)

Subject Taught:
Security Analysis
Money and Capital Markets
Financial Derivatives
Fixed Income Securities
Corporate Finance
Portfolio Management
Quantitative and Research Methods
International Finance
Money & Money Markets
Cases in Finance
Risk Management

Research Interest / Consulting Area:
Financial Derivatives
Fixed Income Securities
International Finance
Risk Management

Academic Work experience:
22 Years

Corporate work experience:
4 years

Also teaches/taught at:
IIM – Bengaluru, Ranchi, Trichy, TAPMI, Great Lakes, XIM-B, La Trobe – Melbourne
NUS – Singapore, University of IOWA


Articles and Papers published :

  • Futures Markets Theory and Practice’, published by Tata McGraw-Hill, Date of release – February 2003.
  • Futures MarketsMade Easy with 250 Questions and Answers, published by Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, India. Date of release – April 2006.
  • Futures and Options Concepts and Applications, Date of publication - November, 2009.
  • McGraw-Hill (Indian edition). McGraw-Hill, Singapore (international edition) in December 2010.
  • `Series on Securities Markets’.
  • Vol-1: Interest rates and the Time Value of Money
  • Vol-2: Financial Institutions, Instruments and Markets
  • Vol-3: Equity Shares, Preferred Shares and Stock Market Indices
  • Vol-4: Bond Valuation, Yield Measures and The Term Structure
  • Vol-5: Futures and Forwards
  • Vol-6: Fundamentals of Options
  • Vol-7: Option Strategies
  • Vol-8: Valuation of Options
  • Vol-9: Mutual Funds & Retirement Planning
  • Futures Markets– 200 Questions and Answers, published by John Wiley Singapore Date of Release – August 2007
  • Fundamentals of Financial Instruments, John Wiley Singapore, published in September 2011.


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